Building a WooCommerce website is not a walk in the park, especially if you don’t have a clue about what you need and how much it costs.

People like lists: things to follow one step at a time.

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So I compiled the perfect blueprint for every business owner who wants to build their dream eCommerce store with WooCommerce. Don’t worry. I got options for all sizes. Let’s dive in and see how much WooCommerce costs.

The Major Costs Of Building A Woocommerce Website

Before getting started, here’s what WooCommerce really is.

“Is WooCommerce a plugin or a platform?”

You would’ve had this curious question. Here’s the thing:

WordPress is a top website-building software that businesses prefer to build eCommerce stores. E-commerce stores need unique features to build on, so WordPress offers WooCommerce, a plugin.

So WordPress is the platform, while WooCommerce is the plugin. Simple as that.

Now, you made the right choice to build your website with WordPress. Here’s the checklist of things that come to mind when you think about a WooCommerce store:

  1. Web Hosting
  2. Domain Name
  3. WordPress Theme
  4. Woocommerce Plugins
  5. WooCommerce Security
  6. WooCommerce Development Fees
  7. Ecommerce Website Maintenance Fees


1. Web Hosting

To exist on the internet, you need good web hosting. Practically this is unavoidable as every website needs a web host to be online.To give you an idea of the types available in the market, here’s a quick run-through:

  1. Shared hosting is an economical option for beginners and simple websites that don’t get much traffic. The downside is that you don’t get many features, which are essential if your website grows in the future.
  2. Dedicated hosting will get you an entire server reserved just for your eCommerce store. With a ton of features, you get to manage your resources and be in the driver’s seat. On the other hand, the bill would be higher.

The best option is to choose a hosting plan tailored explicitly for eCommerce stores. In the future, you will see that your customers will grow as you have a strong product line. Plus, your marketing game is strong, and you expect your traffic to grow fast. In that case, dedicated hosting would be a good investment.

On the other hand, when you’re new to the market with a few good products to sell, you can opt for a shared hosting plan. A2 Hosting’s Managed WordPress hosting plan is just that.

Source: ResellerClub


If we break down the costs, the range would be between ?169 to ?3000 per month ($2.95 to $12.95), depending on your hosting choice.

2. Domain Name

The next non-negotiable thing is your domain name. The domain name is like your business name for the internet. Every page on your website will have it, so if you pick the right domain name, it will linger in people’s minds for a long time.

As said before, it is crucial for any website, let alone for a WooCommerce store. So what’s the price band?

The extensions play a significant role in the cost of a domain name so pick what suits your business motives.

You can find a decent extension starting at ?200 a year. The higher end can be up to ?10,000 or even more if you spend for a premium extension.

Have a word with your WooCommerce developer before picking the correct extension. Since most domain name options are annual subscriptions, you won’t have to worry about paying a recurrent monthly fee.

Here’s another pro tip: Choose a service provider that offers a free SSL certificate and a cPanel dashboard. This economical option helps you manage your domain and hosting plan under one user-friendly dashboard without additional costs.

3. WordPress Themes

“Can’t I design my website from scratch?”

Why would you choose a new face for an action movie when you have Tom Cruise?

Instead of designing each page from a blank canvas, you can select a WordPress theme available in the market. You may find it challenging to build a contact form or portfolio page when you are new. With WordPress themes, you can create a stunning page with just a few clicks.

You have over 9000 free WordPress themes to choose from and design yourself. But that isn’t a good investment. You need a paid theme since they offer advanced features and customization options.

The good thing about WordPress themes is that you only have to buy them once, and they are yours forever. So you can pick the right one, and not the cheap one. The price can range between ?2000 to ?16000 ($20 to $200).

“Should I pick or pass?”

You have to do your homework before picking one. Check the reviews, the versions that were released previously, and what support their team offers.

You can build your WooCommerce store without a theme and design each block yourself. You will need expert help as it involves a lot of technical knowledge and hands-on work. If you don’t have the expertise, invest in a premium theme.

But just because you can doesn’t mean you should. To succeed in the competitive market, you must bring your A-Game to win. A stunning WordPress theme is the Tom Cruise your eCommerce store needs.

Additionally, our Mission Impossible team will customize the theme to give that wow feeling!!

4. WooCommerce Plugins|

Unlike other websites, an eCommerce store has a lot happening daily. Customers will check in, add and remove items to their carts, read your blogs, and a whole lot in between.

Let’s dig into what you can add and what you can turn down.

  1. WooCommmerce direct checkout helps reduce cart abandonment. Customers can add to their cart and head straight to the checkout page; No-boring interventions in between.
  2. WooCommerce Wallet offers customers a digital wallet like Amazon Pay to handle cash without linking their bank accounts. It makes transactions faster and tracking funds easier.
  3. All eCommerce stores need to manage invoices. Choose a PDF Invoice plugin to attach customized invoices to your customer’s bills.
  4. Yoast SEO is the big fish with SEO. It is a must-have if you want your blog section to bring in traffic and sales. Apart from a free version, the premium plugins cost a little over ?8000 ($99) a year.
  5. Customers like referrals, and with Refer a Friend plugin, you can bring in new customers when people refer your coupons to them.

Keep in mind that WooCommerce is a plugin itself, which consists of many features. Apart from these, there are other features to help in translating language, comparing items, and getting instant notifications.

For new WooCommerce stores, you can add free plugins like these. If you have specific business needs, premium ones are the way to go.

5. WooCommerce Security

Undeniably, this is an important aspect of any WooCommerce website. Did you know that  32.4% of successful cyber attacks are on eCommerce websites?

You shouldn’t take shortcuts on the security of your eCommerce store.

An SSL certificate is a no-brainer. Get this done first. The pricing starts as low as ?500 ($6) a year which you can later configure for multiple sub-domains.

DDoS attacks, credit/debit card fraud, spamming, and ransomware are a few other things you should be on the lookout for. Till now, there have been 834 million malware attacks around the world.

That sounds scary, so what’s the solution? Subscribe to anti-malware software. There are free versions for single devices and teams, and the pricing can be between ?3000 to ?12,000 ($36 to $150) for one device a year.

If you want a 360-degree web security solution, go for WordFence security, a security plugin with many features. I suggest using their premium version, costing $99 (?8000) a year. It includes real-time malware detection and customer support. Worth every penny!

6. Agency/WooCommerce Developer Fees

The developer fees depend on where your business is.

Small and mid-scale businesses can build by hiring a freelance WooCommerce developer.

But this is my opinion: Don’t hire freelancers to build your website. Finding, proposing your business requirements, and vetting the right WooCommerce developer is serious work; As a business owner, it’s something you avoid.

What you need is a solid WooCommerce development agency. That’s the professional route to take. There is a whole process that you and the company you hire will go through, and the development process will take place in stages.

The cost can range between ?60,000 to over ?2,00,000 ($1000 to $3000) depending on your product catalog and the features you want.

That’s about it. Check out our eCommerce checklist next because this will give you tons of other ideas you could try out for your WooCommerce store.

7. Ecommerce Website Maintenance Fees

The challenge for eCommerce websites is that customers can visit and order anytime. That means you cannot turn a blind eye to bugs or 404 errors and look sharp.

Backing up data is a healthy practice. In fact, you should do it quite often since data loss costs money. You don’t want that.

Hosting providers offer automatic backup and various plans depending on storage space. Beginning websites can expect 1 to 5 GB of storage which will cost from ?250 ($3) a month.

With WordPress, you also have plugins like UpDraftPlus, a free plugin that helps you back up to a remote storage provider. It is a comparatively cheaper option.

Overall, the maintenance cost for a WooCommerce store can be between INR 1500 to 6000 ($20 – $80/month), based on your store’s size and product catalog.

Before Starting To Build Your Woocommerce Store

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