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There is a shortage of skilled software or IT engineers in the world. According to ncube study, “The estimate is that by 2021, there will be a shortage of 1.4 million software developers and only 400,000 software developer graduates. Employment of software developers is projected to grow 21 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations.” The situation is alarming. As most software developers don’t have experience of technical skills needed to complete the task. It can hurt your pocket, when you hire inexperienced developers who lack communication or problem solving skills. The situation is common with many application development houses who do not spend time with clients- that leads to software projects failure. Due to shortage of quality local software developers and outrageous salary expectations, companies decide to hire a competent software development outsourcing team. Solution : You need to approach a top custom software application development company in Pune India.
Why : Because you need an expert to guide you.
How: Your technology partner will do a thorough inspection of the requirement and build blocks of successful web application practices.

We specialize in building full stack web applications for medium size brands, and professionals who are charting their start up journey. You will have stress free nights when you see issues with bad UI design, error in code and poor project file structure disappearing within 3 weeks.

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A Reliable Ecommerce Design Offer  (Non Salesy)

"In early 2019, I engaged devigntech.com to create a blog website for me. As a total newbie in the world of website creation, I had to depend upon Rahul and his team to both teach me what I needed to do, as well as creating the site, "FoundersHope.com". Ultimately, the site came together on schedule and within budget. I'm looking forward to adding various enhancements to the site in the near-term with devigntech.com as a major player.

Bill Lauahojyls

"Thanks DevignTech team for building our responsive maternity hospital website. You have taken care of all the things from content-design to presentation. I liked the simplicity and information you have put. I highly recommend GyanDevign Tech as a professional web development company in Pune.

Avinash Lodam

Why Work with GyanDevign Tech- Outsourcing Software Development Services India?

You get a fully functional web application tested on all modern browsers - Google and Firefox.

You get a web application that overcome performance problems - DNS issues, unoptimized database, lack of load balancing, failure to optimize bandwidth usage.

You get a technology team with over 20 years of combined experience in Java, .Net and JavaScript technologies.

You get an cost effective service proposal that can save you time and money.

Convenient time zones make it a great option to outsource your work. If you are in the USA or Europe, we interact with you to ensure that work meets the timelines. So, less time is lost on projects.

You will converse with decent to excellent speaking English professionals. This ensures, there won't be any communication barriers.

You get an efficient project management system to track the proceedings.

You can migrate your legacy system to a responsive web interface after carefully passing the loophole test with our Business Analyst.

You get support in picking the right vendor for application deployment to cloud.

According toIndian Brand Equity Foundation, In 2017, India’s high market share in the global services sourcing industry stands at 55% and saved clients 200 billion US dollars.We can help you build a web application that can be accessed easily, does not require installation, work on multiple browsers and reduces business costs.

What are the Benefits of Software Applications

Manage and control your business.

Avoid manual errors by setting signals on your application.

Easily integrate custom software applications to your existing business.

Give power to your users to complete their tasks.

If you’re making a web based software application, it does give access to all in house employees to use that through a web browser

Retrieve information accurately. It will help improve the performance of your employees.

Identify trends in the market and create products which your users will consume.

Give power to your users to complete their tasks.

What are the Functions of Application Software

Information management

Data reporting

Constructing visuals

Team coordination

Track expenditures/revenues

Examples Of Business Application Software

Enterprise Resource Planning

Social Media Management

Email Automation Software

Customer Relationship Management

Project Management Software

Business Process Management Software

Productivity Software

Time Management Software

Marketplace for Service Providers

Ads Management Platform

Our Software Development Process

Technologies Used

How Much Will My WebApp Cost?

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What is your value proposition?

You give us the most critical problem you want to solve or have not been able to do so. We will do that, without any cost. If we do not have the capability, we will politely say, “no, we cannot do this, we appreciate your time and patience in considering us”. This is a starting point for building trust signal with you.

What technologies you use for making web applications?

In front end, we use Angular 4 and Bootstrap. For the back end, we use Java Spring and NodeJS. For database, we use SQL Server and MongoDB.

How do you solve the application security issues

As a software development company in Pune India, our focus lies on writing clean code, performing dynamic testing and fixing these prominent issues.

  • Cross Site Scripting
  • SQL Injection
  • LDAP Injection
  • Cross Site Request Forgery
What method do you follow for web application development

We use waterfall-agile method for delivering all our projects.

Can I hire a freelancer who can do the task at a cheaper price
Sure. You have that option. The freelancing community has grown over the years. Do take into consideration, chealp does not translate to quality. If you are a business owner, do you want to be chasing freelancers on chat/emails? Or work like a CEO and delegate tasks to a professional company who can offer great services at competitive prices.


I have a very bad experience in outsourcing web development to India. How can you help
We’re sorry to hear that. There is a reason why, Glocal Tech Seva is a top web app development company in Pune India. We work closely to resolve your pain points, without the intention to sell anything. There are certain ground check, we suggest our clients to do before hiring an outsource web development company. It starts with Seeking References.
  •  Any rating or reviews on Google/Upwork about the company
  •  Checking profile on Linkedin
  •  Asking for Portfolio
  •  Doing a paid trial for a month
  •  Interviewing team members to avoid shadow resource management
  •  Signing legal documents – NDA and non-compete
  •  Setting up a clear communication system
  •  Any delay in delivery, will lead to delay in payments
How long does it take to build a web application?

It can take from 9 weeks – 18 weeks depending on the project complexity.

What is your engagement model?

We work on fixed cost and hourly engagement. If you requirement is clear, we suggest an hourly model. However, if you are in the refining stage, we will work closely with you to lock the scope of work, in that case fixed cost – with milestone approach is our preferred way.

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