You got an ecommerce store built? Congrats on your first step to digital success.

Do you have an idea to get sales OR  product reviews to build brand trust

Are you afraid that you will not have any visitors and you will fail badly?

Don’t be, because if Falguni Nayar, at the age of 50, can become the CEO of Naayka, if Richa Kar can help women to come out while shopping for lingerie through the online eCommerce lingerie store, Zivame, then you are no different.

You, too, can be the next successful entrepreneur bringing change to the life of people! You have an idea, but with that, you also need some positive reviews because that makes your ecommerce website reliable

But how do you get those positive reviews? Here are some suggestions for you.

Significance of Product Review in Modern Scenario

Advertising is one of the most crucial methods used to entice customers, especially when it is an eCommerce business, as people won’t know what you are selling until you put it in front of them. Advertising products is a very fundamental thing that every business practices.

But if we focus on today’s market, customer reviews seem to be the best advertisement form. According to market experts, reviews uplift the sale of any eCommerce store by 18%.

People will buy products broadly looking at two things:
Positive customer reviews, the more the better.

Brand recommendations from genuine social media influencers- not the paid/fake ones (we all hate them:). The below report shows how customers react to a online product without a review:


Ways to Get Reviews for a New ECommerce Site

Getting reviews while just starting your eCommerce site can be daunting. But many easily applicable ways can get a new store more reviews for your products even when you are new to this business industry. The main focus should be family members, friends, and, of course, the customers buying the said products. Therefore, the ways to get reviews for a new e-commerce site are as follows:

1. Directly Ask Your Customer for a Review

When you are in any business, the best person to ask for an honest opinion about your product will be the customers who are consuming your products. Asking them directly for their reviews on the particular product can be the first step. They can mention how they felt about the product and how you can improve the quality of your products.

For instance, we saw people during the pandemic promoting various products on social media networks. It included things such as jewelry. Be it gold-plated, junk, or others. Apparels were again another popular segment in Facebook Business. Many people, including homemakers and students, sold clothes on this platform.

These new business owners always asked for product reviews directly from the customers. Thus, having customer reviews on that particular product page can benefit customers who will be interested in buying the same product sometime in the future.

2. Ask your family members and friends

I know a lady who was a housewife and wanted to have her own business site and start a business where she could sell pieces of jewelry that were unique and trendy. Thus, she asked her friends and family members to provide a review of her product. Indeed, not everyone gave reviews or feedback, but most did, and it helped her venture reach a maximum number of people.

Attracting customers when you have just started your business is an issue. It gets even harder to get good customer reviews if it is an eCommerce store. Therefore, it may fail even though she advertised her site quite impressively. Here she took help from her family members and friends and asked them to write reviews on the products they bought. People who are going to invest money in your products rely on the reviews a lot and having fair and well-structured reviews of the products can act as a catalyst for them to buy your products.

3. Give Incentives to Your Customers for their Reviews

Sometimes, in gaming apps, we see that if the user gives a review, they receive some gem or coin they can use for some time while playing the game. Similarly, a business owner with an eCommerce site can also use some incentive to lure the majority of customers into leaving some reviews.

For example, electronic retailer Best Buy provides customers with loyalty points for the review they provide. It is beneficial for consumers because they can utilize these points after it has reached a specific threshold. Best Buy often requests a review from their customers on their recently-brought products. They even lure and encourage them to review that against some loyalty points.

So, if the customer knows that by providing a review, there is a probability of them getting some advantages like a small discount or bonus points, then it is good enough for them to do as requested. Incentives are the best ways to ensure your work is being done aptly, just the way it is supposed to happen.

4. Find out Niche Influencers/Hire them.

Social media influencers play a massive role in ensuring that a new business can have a growing market. Millions of people follow these influencers nowadays. Thus, hiring them to promote your product by giving good reviews influences their followers, which in return helps you gain customers.

For example, you can’t expect a massive customer base without reaching your target audience if you want a business on good skin care products. An influencer who is an expert in the skin health and beauty care niche can be the correct influencer for your product.

For example, YSL hired YouTuber and Podcaster Margot Lee for their recent promotion, who promoted it on her YouTube Channel and among her socials

However, hiring these influencers and asking them to do reviews for her products might do the trick and successfully entice people to buy her things because now they have a reason to trust this new person selling goods.

For example, Quirksmith, an online jewelry store, uses influencers from the fashion and jewelry space since they are into producing handcrafted pieces of jewelry. Thus, in this way, they can target their niche audience and even promote their brands through these influencers.

On the other hand, Cosmix, holistic beauty & health supplement provider, uses micro-influencers who review their products on social media sites.

5. Provide Giveaways and Samples to Your Ideal Customer

Attracting customers and making them buy your expensive products immediately, especially if you have just started your venture, can be a problem. It is where the process of giveaways and samples begins. In the beginning, you need to give away your products to some of your ideal customers for free in the form of giveaways or test samples, and once they use these products, their reviews will help you and your company progress the way you want them. For example, the beauty brand Nivea often provides these sample sachets to their customers to gain review and increase their sales.

6. Run a Sale Shop During Festive Season in Your City/Community

Ecommerce product offers works like magic.

Giant sites like Amazon or Flipkart use different product offers strategically to woo us (really!). They come up with a fancy name for festive sales to lure their customers and encourage them to purchase the products they are selling.

Suppose you start a business of ethnic wear, and during Christmas or Diwali, you can sell products in your city/society or at community gatherings. You will see customers frolicking around for your products. It will also make a good impression in front of the customers and convince them to provide reviews and positive reviews.

7. Give Instant G-Review links.

Another way to ensure that all your customers leave your E-Commerce site after giving a review is if you immediately send them a g-review link. A g-review is a Google review form that can be created smoothly, and you can post it anywhere you want to.

The immediate supply of the form will make the customers take some time out of their schedule to fill the form, which on its own, will play the role of a review that can be immensely helpful for the business owner.

Google review forms are a further step forward in this whole gathering of reviews process because Google’s reviews of sites will be seen as something very legitimate by the consumers. So, take advantage of the popularity of Google.

For example, the family-owned business Mama and Peaches are into selling products to new mothers, which will make their parenting journey smoother. Although many such online stores are there in the market, Mama and Peaches stand out because of their positive G-reviews.


8. Allow Customers to Take a Survey Through Email

While using social networking sites like YouTube, we face situations where we have to do surveys. They provide us with a form that we can fill up to complete the survey. Use it for newly established e-commerce sites.

They can prepare a questionnaire to complete the survey successfully. Well, maybe, it isn’t an apt example of a product review. However, you can ask several questions, and the answers provided by the customers can be used as a review for not only the products available on the site but for the site itself.

You can conduct this survey through emails, and many people might even take part in the survey. It is how the review rate can increase drastically. For example, if you use Godaddy and have taken support from their Customer Care, they share a survey with you to know how well they did and if there is any room for improvement.

9. List Your Products On Big Online Stores

Get your merchant account listed on Amazon or Flipkart. Now, you can ask your colleagues/friends to buy online and give a review. This will help boost Amazon SEO for your products. For example, if you search for sunscreen on Amazon, you will have the banner display of Aqualogica. It is considered a new name in the market compared to Lakme or Lotus.


The Key Takeaways

So, if a mompreneur or an existing business wants to start an online store, their first approach must be to create good products at an affordable price for a market. It needs a brand marketing strategy– so that the reviews you receive will help you boost brand equity.

I hope the points mentioned above will help you gather reviews in a legit way.

If you need help in creating an ecommerce store or marketing your store to generate sales, book a meeting with our ecommerce development experts India to get started.