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We create conversion-driven websites and mobile applications for small businesses.

Have you worked with freelance web designers or agencies who made your website without much thought process? If they are not able to understand what you do, how can you get your website to raise inquiries?
The pain of an underperforming website is known to all business owners- are you dealing with one right now?
You’ve spent money to grow your business.What about the results?
We have seen this situation before. Can fix that for you!
We use minimalist design, targeted messaging and educational approach to help business owners like you create an elegant website or mobile app- so that your audience can connect with your brand- to solve their real life problems.
Any website traffic or app install is not a perfect yardstick to success. We will help you attract the right set of audience to your website.
This directly translates into quality traffic, genuine leads, effective meetings, sales, and more revenue.

Every Business Needs a Website and a Mobile App. Why?

Your website is the face value of your company. It is not just replicating a WordPress or Shopify theme. You cannot ignore its importance in this DNA. A strong online presence will enable you to become a market leader in your niche. If you are building a mobile application, you cannot wait countless hours to launch a product. You must first validate the product and get the MVP out to get feedback. Only a strong technology team who understands the start up vibe will deliver on promise.

Business websites and apps that draws user attention are often a combination of

Clarity in specific target audience.

Marketing Psychology to exaggerate the problem.

Copywriting that prompts your customer to take action - purchase!

Design that is etched in your customers mind.

How GyanDevign Tech Services started in September 2019

GyanDevign Tech Services LLP aims to serve small businesses and start-up founders to reach out to the market fast. Let your technology partner focus on creating a meaningful product and you focus on customer acquisition. We understand your pain points – not finding a skilled workforce or unable to adapt to the changing technology landscape. You are not alone. But do not feel down. Our skilled team of web consultants offer a right nix of mix of business and technology sense to help you grow your business.

Our Web Design & App Development Services Are Perfect For

Our Web Strategy Consultants Will Help You

Design your ecommerce store in WordPress or Shopify in 2-4 weeks

Build your web application with technologies such as Angular and PHP CodeIgniter in 6-15 weeks

Create your mobile MVP (minimum viable product) in with ReactNative and Android in 3-9 weeks

Guarantees testing your product to make it error proof.


We are located in western IT hub of India – Pune. It is about 3 hours from Mumbai.

The city is known for its rich Maratha culture, fabulous weather, authentic food, access to tech talent and strong education ecosystem- often called the Oxford of the East.

Do visit here for a personal or a professional trip. You won’t be disappointed.

Founders Vision Statement

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