Did you know that with a poor eCommerce website, 89% of your customers will choose your competitor over you?

Customers check things on your eCommerce website and decide right away whether it’s a thumbs up or a big no. Don’t worry. I got you covered.

From the buyer’s standpoint, here are 9 things that every customer notices in an eCommerce website in the blink of an eye.

Impress your customers first to win online

NASDAQ predicts eCommerce will cover 95% of all of the shopping in the world by 2040. That is your market right there.

The question is do you have an eCommerce website that has what the customer wants.

Among these 9 things, you may have some and you might have missed some. But every eCommerce website that wants to make six-figures revenue must have these. Period.

#1 Speed of website

8 seconds. That is the attention span of a human right now according to a study by Microsoft.

With that in mind, writing an essay to impress customers will never work.

Having a slow-loading website is a rookie web design mistake that should be optimized at all costs.

We have Bob, the enthusiastic gardener.

He googles to find stores that offer garden tools and accessories. He finds you and your competitor side by side. Who do you think he picks?

Definitely not the slower one. Just like Bob, 79% of all visitors never come back if they have a bad experience.

So speed matters. A lot. What’s the ideal time? the top eCommerce websites that customers love, load in 3.21 seconds so go for it.

#2 Customer service

Online shoppers come in different shapes and sizes. You have the weekly fashionista who shops for clothes every week and the seasonal buyer who waits for top deals.

But they have one thing in common; if things don’t go well, they want your help.

The stats on the other hand are interesting. 87% of companies feel archaic methods of customer experience do not help in the business’s growth.

In other words, customers’ expectations are higher and different.

Chatbots are the new way to start the conversation. Visitors love these add-ons to get information about your business. This improves customer engagement and better engagement means longer customer retention.

Customers like to be well-informed and 64% want to fix their own issues and a massive 90% like self-service systems.

Zerodha’s Varsity is an excellent example of the best self-service systems. This platform is a knowledge base for those who are new to trading and investing.

According to Zingle, being agile and responsive is the #1 trait every customer wants.

Whether you have a landing page or an eCommerce website, here are the takeaways:

Be fast, responsive, engaging, and always bring new stuff to the table.

#3 Recommendations and personalized deals

Everybody loves to be treated a little special than everyone else.

Around 30 million businesses are competing to stay in the minds of their customers. But the question is who wins?

When you visit a website, people love seeing discounts at first sight. The statistics are clear from this study by Invesp.

  1. 2 out of 3 customers close the deal when they notice an eCommerce website with a coupon code or a discount and,
  2. 59% of customers wait for promo codes to buy online.

Now, this is a good deal of customers that would buy your products or services if you offer a “better deal”.

Do you think your customer knows what they want when they visit your eCommerce website?

Here is what Steve Jobs says:

“A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”

35% of the revenue of Amazon is just from recommendations and customized deals. Now you know why Amazon is unshakeable.

The idea is simple: pitch product recommendations based on your customer’s previous purchases. Offer what they want and not what you want them to buy.

#4 Signs of credibility

“Hey Bill, I saw this new watch company. Their products look good and the price looks reasonable.”

“Did you read the reviews? I have never heard of them before. Do they run any ads?”

“Yeah, there were no reviews. The website has no signs of people’s approval.”

It is an obvious question. 90% of consumers consider ratings and reviews when it comes to making a purchase decision but eCommerce websites never capitalize on this.


Here is the thing: 72% of customers will just window-shop your website and never make a move until they read the reviews. If you never show genuine reviews, you lose a ton of traffic.

Such a simple thing but creates such a big impact.

If your products and services are top-tier, customers love to offer super detailed reviews. As a business owner, all you have to do is to display them on your website.

No website is perfect from day one. To make it effective, read this short article to get better insights.

#5 Social presence

“A well-built eCommerce website is just fine. Who needs a Facebook account and tweet on Twitter?”, says the average business owner.

Don’t make the same mistake that these people make.

You might think it’s similar to being familiar with people but social media is bigger than you think.

Your website looks good, fast, and has great customer support but if people can’t find you on Instagram, chances are people won’t recommend it to their friends.

Instagram stands out better than any other platform with 30% of users have bought something from the platform.

This is where you get second chances. If your customer couldn’t seal the deal on your website, you can still sell it through your social media channels.

Remember the rule of seven to start integrating social media with your eCommerce website and see how the table turns.

#6 Product hierarchy

Unless it is a specific set of services or a couple of products, this tip doesn’t matter much.

But you are ambitious and want to expand your empire online with a bunch of products. The tip is to “clean your room” just like Jordan Peterson says.

Be it apparel, cosmetics, organic products, and even books, you can come up with a ton of categories. The more the categories, the more options to browse through.


Searching through websites is a totally different experience and I feel we love to explore products or categories before making a purchase. But businesses are too lazy to improve it.

Hopefully, you are not one of them.

You want to be among the 15% of companies that put in the effort to improve the customer experience to use your website.

Logically, you don’t want to show flannels and chinos if the customer wants a pair of jeans. Filters and sorting are the best way to let the customers check things out on your eCommerce website on their terms.

Who doesn’t love to be left alone yet have a great experience?

#7 Order pages

Just in case you forgot, having an eCommerce website without an SSL certificate is a big no.

Just don’t make this basic security mistake and blame for not getting any sales.

Speaking of sales, customers put items in carts, move them to the order pages and still drop the cart and leave. 77% of customers do it and I hope that caught your eye.

Ever wondered why?

Forms play a big role. Why ask for information you don’t even need? This breaks trust and the cart drops. There goes another customer.

Trust logos like Norton, McAfee, or Visa are signs of a secure eCommerce website and customers want to see them.


With UPI being so popular and around 100 million users, if you still stick to debit and credit cards, you will lose a bunch of probable customers.

And here is the final thing. Something that most businesses don’t use.

Display a money-back guarantee. If you’re confident in what you offer, customers will comply.

#8 Web design & color pattern

Who doesn’t stop for a couple of seconds to stare at a Lamborghini?

The style speaks for itself. To win attention, aesthetics is your best weapon. 90% of your visitors decide whether you are a good pick or not right from the design.

Customers notice color schemes of an eCommerce website sub-consciously and associate them a lot with your brand’s theme. So having a solid color scheme that aligns with your products and services helps a lot.

Remember it is your website but if your customers don’t like how it looks, the results won’t be in your favor.

As far as logos are concerned, things are pretty mixed. BBC paid in millions whereas Google didn’t spend a single penny.

Here’s the verdict: logos can make or break the deal and do not complicate it.

Even if your current logo is bad and wants a change, check out Bellator’s logo change and now they’re running successfully.

To help you out, read this complete web design checklist if you want a complete eCommerce makeover. You will thank me later.

#9 Customized content

Before closing the door, every brand should have a story. In fact, most ambitious businesses have a story. They just don’t spend the time to write it down.

Picking out the sheep is easy for online customers. They will identify websites with boring content as ones that sell mediocre ones.

Customers love to hear why you do what you do and that builds trust which in turn improves your sales numbers.

Boheco tells stories about their influencers on how their products are effective. The brand not only markets the products but wants to build the story around them which resonates among the community.

#10 Secure Payment Partner Badges

if you are accepting online payments without any trusted payment provider name on there, your buyers will be skeptical to purhcase. Instead add those trust badges to influence smooth sales.

That concludes the comprehensive list of what every customer wants to see on your eCommerce website. If you want to build one for your business, here’s what you do.

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