So you now have a website. That is wonderful news because you are leading the race against your competitors who are still offline.

But does that mean you can turn a blind eye and let your website do some magic on its own?

Definitely not. It is a website. Not a genie.

There is always room for improvement and here are five website improvement ideas for you to stay one step ahead of the crowd.

Improving Your Website Towards Perfection Is Essential

The ideal website does not exist. But striving towards perfection is what every business owner should do.

Does your website generate over 50,000 views a month but you cannot see any results in terms of sales and generating leads?

Do not consider your website to be a one-time purchase that will yield dividends in the future.

This is the cold hard truth.

Before coming up with ideas on how to make an effective website, check if you stumbled upon the common web design mistakes. These are critical mistakes that can cause detrimental damage in the long run.

4 Key Factors Of An Effective Website

If a car gets broken down, a mechanic can predict where the fault could be. A website is the same.

With a solid website design strategy, the problems could be trivial and you wouldn’t have to worry much.

If that isn’t the case, a self-assessment is necessary.

To improve your website, there are four key sections that can definitely be renovated to yield better results.

Design and appeal of your website

The engine of a Lamborghini may be powerful but the design is what captures the eyes first.

Statistics show that 38% of the audience will avoid unattractive websites.

What does “unattractive” mean?

A website designed without a strategy is like traveling in a rainforest. There is no trail and there are endless problems you will bump into.

If you are not aware of choosing the right pairs of colors, you will fall short of results.

Are you one of those business owners who take up the task of designing the website on their own?

Choosing DIY website builders shrinks the room for improvement and making an effective website is still a long shot.

In a nutshell, three design aspects matters:

  1. The color scheme for your website.
  2. The web design strategy of your website.
  3. The person who designs the website.

The website’s core content

You would’ve heard the saying, “Content is king”. Whether that is exaggerated or not, one takeaway is content is key.

One of the reasons for the average results is the web content on your website. Probably it was never updated ever since your website’s launch.

61% of customers’ decisions are influenced by personalized content and why should they go for a pigeon in the flock?

How often do you put out content? How much do your customers interact with them? Do you create content that provides value to your visitors?

If you haven’t thought through these questions, you better start finding answers now. Read on to find out what to curate customized content for your website.

Technical standards of the website

Once a website is done and successfully launched, that is not the destination.

Going through the website’s performance is crucial and here are a few things you shouldn’t miss out on:

Loading speed

You can wait for a website to load but for how long?

For the skeptic minds, loading speed does improve conversions and engagement.

If you are wondering how effective your website is, check it out using Google’s Speed Check tool.

Responsive design

Websites these days cover every device in the market. If you forget about responsivity, you are in big trouble.

Nobody wants to see the horizontal bar and scroll every time to see the content. Did you know that Google puts mobile-friendliness to rank a website?

With smartphones overtaking desktop usage, your website should cover customers no matter what device they use.

The intention of the website

Ask this question to yourself.

What do you really want to offer to others that they consider valuable?

The more articulate you are with the answer, the better you position your business online. Your website must reflect this intent exactly for the best results.

Be it a blog, an online store, or a landing page for your retail business, the intent is everything.

If your gym needs a landing page to bring people in, an online store might not be the right thing. A good landing page displaying your top services focus on benefits, and customer testimonials is what you need.

In the case of an e-magazine, publishing trending and up-to-date content works better than selling products online.

An effective website focuses on how to compliment the business and not drift in a new direction altogether.


5 Effective Ways To Improve Your Website

Once you checked these four factors, it is time to take action. Take charge of these five steps to make an effective website.

Improve your website’s key aspects

Adding a ton of information is great. But an effective website makes them stand out and complement each other.

The intent is everything.

Whether you are running a freelance business or selling handmade pots online, Your message has to be on point. Your website should get this message across to every customer who visits your website.

Be it your address, your location on Google Maps, or your recently launched products these are things you want your customers to notice first.

Whether it is your logo or the images that you highlight, start identifying the simple things that can be improved on your website.

Visual appeal is like a ripple effect. The more appealing your website is, the higher the chances of visitors liking it.

Speaking of content, check these three things and redo them to perfection:

  1. The content structure as your visitor shouldn’t land at a cluttered website.
  2. The helpdesk. It could be a chatbot, forum, or manual. Make sure your visitors have immediate access to it.
  3. Do not forget to show what is happening on your social media handles. Did you host a podcast episode with a popular celebrity? Let your visitors know about it.


A simple website improvement idea is to replace stock images with custom-shot images. Hire a photographer and cover the key areas of your business. This tweak rewards your website extra points.

Create impressive content that wins your visitor over

Anyone can type web content. It is, at the end of the day, a bunch of paragraphs.

But a random bunch of paragraphs doesn’t impress your visitors and definitely don’t result in better sales and traffic.

Creating top-tier content is the secret sauce to make an effective website. But how can you excel from the crowd?

Here are two tips:

Show credibility

There is nothing better than word of mouth that builds trust and confidence in a business.

When products get five-star reviews, that will impress any visitor. Be it your services, your product line, or your free web content, allow people to drop feedback and testimonials and display them.

Portray teamwork

Everyone knows you are not the only person on the ship. Your crew deserves some attention for their work, don’t they?

Introducing the squad on your website, their contribution, and how valuable they are adds a personal touch like no other.

When you value your team, your customers get comfortable to choose you over your competitor.


When it comes to SEO, get in touch with an SEO strategist to renovate your content. It could be the keyword plan, the web content, or the hyperlinks that could be tweaked to perfection.

A qualified SEO strategist will identify these spots and help you get them tidy for a relaunch.

Improve your website’s navigation

A typical website consists of about 30 pages keeping SEO in mind. But are they properly linked and do they convey a definitive meaning?

One way to make an effective website is to lay down solid website navigation, guiding your visitor to check out your services or products.

Good website navigation is like a menu. You are guided where to start and take the next move for your benefit and comfort.

Let’s say your visitor is now on your homepage. Having a navigation bar full of crazy links will make them confused. Instead, a user-friendly website keeps it simple and provides a handful of options that will guide the visitor through your website.

A user-friendly website is great but your website should be compatible with search engines as well. Your pages get crawled and indexed by search engines better when they are interlinked together.


One idea to improve your website is to keep a short and simple navigation bar. Average websites don’t realize this and they stay average.

Think through before designing the footer and navigation bar. If you have a simple landing page, the chances are your visitor will bump into both your footer and navigation bar.

Get creative with your website’s designs

You have the tools to get insights into your website’s performance. But if the numbers don’t look good, there is a good chance to reconsider your website designs.

You could either be dealing with any of the following issues:

  1. Your designs were never consistent.
  2. The designs never matched your business’s intent.
  3. You hired a freelance web designer who could have compromised on quality based on your budget.

If you have to invest in one section of your website, that would be on the designs because they are unique and remain unique.

With hundreds of competitors, you have to stand apart. A stunning and unique web design leaves an everlasting impression that written content cannot match.


One website improvement idea would be to take calculated risks with creative designs. Image carousels, animated covers, a minimal homepage, interactive chat bots are a few options that you can experiment on.

Go for a professional web design service in India if stunning designs are what you want. The benefits a web design company brings to the table cannot be matched with an amateur designer.

Improve your website’s conversion rates

The designs are done. The content is curated for your customers. Your website has been completely restructured. But will you reap the benefits of just renovating to appeal to your customers?

When it comes to choosing comfort or aesthetics, customers always choose comfort. They don’t like annoying pop-ups that never close. The buttons are buried somewhere in your content and that is a serious issue.

To keep it simple, don’t expect your customers to do the work because 46% of visitors make decisions based on how user-friendly your website is.

Knowing what content works where is powerful knowledge. This can dramatically affect your sales and conversion rates. Whether it is improving sales, better traffic, or to build your email list, conversion rates are essential.

Okay, you have a great product line with stunning images. Your content is so persuasive that people want to buy it. But how can they buy it?

Call-to-action buttons have to stand out with a distinct color and position for easy access. You have come a long way and you don’t want to lose your customers because of this trivial mistake.


Even though the ideal blog post length is around 2100 to 2400, does that mean it’s versatile all the time?

An effective website idea would be to create content on a constant basis and cover all the audience. Ebooks are great but it’s ideal to craft one or two perfect ones rather than multiple ones that produce average results.

The Final Notes

Is there one way to make your website as effective as possible? Maybe not. But you can implement these website improvement ideas that always work wonders.

If there is one thing you can do to make an effective website would be to get professional assistance. Get in touch with a web development company like Gyan Devign Tech Services and book a call.

We unravel the roadblocks and help you with suggestions on how you can improve your website. Are you looking to reconstruct the website to unlock its true potential? Get an estimate from us and let’s get on with our new project.