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Create a functional and professional Shopify website. Fulfill your dream of being an entrepreneur.

We Make Professional and Functional Sites to Boost Your Business

All business owners want to have a website with high functionality and with user-friendly web design. With the help of Shopify experts in Toronto, Canada, you can achieve this goal.

We design information-driven websites for you that bring qualified customers and eventually increase your sales.

Gyandevign Tech Services makes personalized Shopify websites for your online business. Our experts ensure to address the uniqueness of your online store to boost the interest of genuine customers.

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Design = UX + Copywriting a.k.a. Your Story

Create your personalized online storefront with Shopify and expand your business. Track your items and engage with your buyers seamlessly. Share your story with your customers.

Shopify Technologies Used

Get a Shopify website that depicts your story and is ready to provide visitors with a satisfactory user experience.

Why Invest in Shopify for an ECommerce Store?

You tend to trust an online store with a user-friendly interface and a professional look. Whether you own a small startup or an established brand, Shopify can be perfect for your business due to its flexibility. Shopify is a secure application for your online store. Here is why you should choose Shopify for your brand:

In early 2019, I engaged to create a blog website for me. As a total newbie in the world of website creation, I had to depend upon Rahul and his team to both teach me what I needed to do, as well as creating the site, "". Ultimately, the site came together on schedule and within budget. I'm looking forward to adding various enhancements to the site in the near-term with as a major player.”
--Bill Lauahojyls

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Why Work with Shopify Experts at GyanDevign Tech Services?

Well-planned Design for your Shopify Online Store

Our Shopify experts design your online store to perfectly fit your business goals. A well-researched design and attractive graphics can give your website a professional look. Convert your business thoughts, plans, and information into a pro online store.

Go for a better conversion rate

You must provide the customer with a satisfactory user experience. Visitors feel more enthusiastic about further engagements if your website is credible and professional. We make responsible Shopify online stores for sellers to increase their conversion rate.

Get a better SEO ranking

We design SEO content for your Shopify website, allowing your online store to have a high SEO ranking and bring more traffic.

Review of Your Website

You get a personalized review of your existing site and tips to boost engagement.

Functional Web Design

Our experts do the configuration of your online store for better optimization. It is necessary for good traffic and a high conversion rate. From designing a stunning landing page and functional dashboard to optimizing video and decreasing page loading time - we do everything!

Shopify Development Pricing

We charge between 1,25,000 INR to 25,000 INR for website design services. These include portfolio sites for designers, doctors and healthcare professional websites, B2B company websites, any service based business websites.

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Shopify Development Process

Consider the nature and taste of your customers for a pro-Shopify website. Conduct market research and monitor the buying tendencies of your customers. It will help you to set up and modify your online store at Shopify.

FAQ on Shopify Development Process

Is Shopify a Secure Platform?

Shopify is one of the most secure platforms and has certificates based on level 1 PCI DSS standards. The tool comes with data encryption features and keeps the transaction of the customers safe and secure. Shopify does continuous security monitoring to prevent malware attacks. The platform also offers SSL certificates to make your shops trustworthy.

Is coding knowledge required for Shopify?

Shopify platform is beginner-friendly, and if you have no prior experience using the tool, you can still set up your business account. You do not require coding knowledge to operate their account. Managing the listed items in your shop is easy with Shopify, as the tool organizes your product catalog automatically.

What do I need to know about Shopify’s transaction fees?

Shopify has a free trial for you to test it out. After that, you can choose a plan based on the scale and requirements of your business. Besides, there is a minimal transaction fee (0.5% – 2%) when you are not using other payment gateways than Shopify payments, which is Shopifys payment gateway.

Do I need to install plugins to use my Shopify account for business?

You can set up an online store on Shopify without using plugins. They aren’t essential but extremely helpful. However, if you are aiming to add unique features to improve customer satisfaction and functionality of your website, then you can opt for the Shopify extensions. You can consult the Shopify experts before deciding which plugins you can use for your Shopify account.

Is Shopify good for small businesses?

Shopify is perfect for small businesses because of its robust features and 24×7 customer support system. You can launch your online store with your Shopify account with a minimum monthly cost of 29$/month and start your business on social media and other platforms. They are affordable for small businesses, and later you can use extensions to add more features to suit the requirements of your business. Not only small businesses but big companies, too, trust Shopify. Brands like Kylie, Yoga Bar, and Nush use Shopify for their business.