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We Apply Design Thinking Strategies to Multiply Your App Downloads.

If you’re an experienced entrepreneur or a non tech founder, do not haste your product development activity. Instead, build an MVP and work with a mobile app development company in Toronto Canada.

The difference between a good and a great app design is your intuitive mind hitting the right chord and an open ear for criticism.

We specialize in building hybrid mobile apps for startups, first time entrepreneurs and small online brands using Android, ReactNative and Flutter..

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A Reliable Ecommerce Design Offer  (Non Salesy)

"In early 2019, I engaged to create a blog website for me. As a total newbie in the world of website creation, I had to depend upon Rahul and his team to both teach me what I needed to do, as well as creating the site, "". Ultimately, the site came together on schedule and within budget. I'm looking forward to adding various enhancements to the site in the near-term with as a major player.

Bill Lauahojyls

"Thanks DevignTech team for building our responsive maternity hospital website. You have taken care of all the things from content-design to presentation. I liked the simplicity and information you have put. I highly recommend GyanDevign Tech as a professional web development company in Pune.

Avinash Lodam

Mobile Apps= Simplicity + Personalization + Easy Navigation

Apps that get a thumbs up from your users are meticulously planned with a lot of sweat to make your dream real.

Web Technologies Used

Get a mobile app that solves your users problem, runs stable, and designed to provide rich personal experience.

Native App

Hybrid App

How Can A Mobile App Development Company Grow
Your Business

Thanks DevignTech team for building our responsive maternity hospital website. "You have taken care of all the things from content-design to presentation. I liked the simplicity and information you have put. I highly recommend GyanDevign Tech as a professional web development company in Pune."
--Avinash Lodam

Why Work with App Development Experts @GyanDevign Tech Services.

Technology Selection

You get quality advice on which platform is ideal for your business - Native or Hybrid

Minimalist Mobile App Design

You get a recognizable product that focuses on core value proposition - 80% of customers think that color increases brand awareness.

MVP Experts

You get to reach out to the market faster and test your business model - get user/experts review and remove non worthy functions.

Quality Guaranteed

You get a highly tested responsive mobile working across different devices- an unresponsive app can kill your business.

Branding Strategy

You get priceless suggestions on building your app with MVP approach - your users will buy your product for the solution it offers, not for extra features.

Annual Maintenance

You sign a support and maintenance AMC at a great value.

You do not want to be old school in business promotion and branding. Businesses worldwide are shifting from print ads to mobile realm. You can catch the train when you have a reliable mobile app development company in India at your side.
We build your mobile app that sells products to your customers and trends on the app store.

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Mobile App Development Pricing

We charge between 1,00,000 INR to 6,00,000 INR for mobile app development services. These include primarily B2C apps, fitness app, gaming app, loyalty rewards app, healthcare apps, social apps or ecommerce store apps

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FAQs on Mobile App and Development

What is your value proposition?

You can do a trial project with us to see if we are the right fit (for 3 days). We guarantee to deliver on agreed items. If you do not get the results, you have nothing to lose.

Do you have any presence in North America?

Yes, we have our presence in Canada and strive to become the top mobile app development company in Toronto Canada.

Why choose cross-platform technology over native approach?

You get a single code base, no compromise on performance; native look and feel. Faster development and release cycle. Wide open-source community.

What matters the most in an app?

Your app must score high on Usability and experience on every small/big task (e.g. navigations, execution, etc..) for users to be their go to solution.

Does an app require lots of testing like web apps?

Yes, because apps are meant to replace web apps or at least to use as an alternate approach to perform tasks. If apps are not doing that then there is no use of it. A functional and fully tested app is a product that satisfies your customers.

How do you manage mobile app security?

Let us give you a real life example. If your app is showing a user profile with a user image then those images are stored in SD card or mobile internal storage, since those locations are also accessible by other apps, it is good practice that we encrypt image files as well.

This way even if other apps try to access the image but they can’t because images can be decrypted only by the app who saved those images.

All the communication to the server happens over https protocol to download necessary data.

How do you ensure performance and scalability for the app?

We believe in.utilising full potential of framework and power of programming language. Additionally, It’s the quality of the code that defines the performance and scalability

What are your coding standards and what frameworks do you use?

We use Xamarin, ReactNative and Flutter frameworks for creating mobile apps. In case of Xamarin all the coding standards that comes with C#. MVVM is used to make your app. If your app is built using Fluter we use coding standards that Dart follows. For ReactNative, as suggested by their official document.

Have you built apps for different operating systems?

Yes, if your app is built using Xamarin then supported platforms are Android, iOS and Windows (UWP). However, if your app is built using Flutter then Android and iOS are the supported platforms.

How will you maintain the app after its launch?

Only if there are any unexpected scenarios that might have missed during development and other miscellaneous fixes.

I need to speak to your developer, can you do that?

Yes, every project kick off will happen with our founder, mobile app developer and UX designer.

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