Every business owner these days realizes the importance of having a website. If you try the old school methods of marketing to get clients without an online presence, you’re swimming across an ocean to reach an island.

Choosing the right web design company matters a lot as you don’t want your website designed by a wannabe developer. At the same time, your resources may not match with the developers who charge insane amounts for simple designs.

Where do you find the middle ground?

This is what this article is about. Follow along to watch out 9 factors that you should look for in a website company.

Hunt down companies providing web development services

No matter what type of digital detox one undergoes, you cannot keep people away from screens anymore. It was over 4 hours a day before and after the COVID pandemic, the screens have taken over.

Web design companies in India are posting their work online and some are good at marketing their brand whereas some are not so great.

Either way, you cannot deny the benefits of hiring a website design company. The task here is to find the one that suits your needs and resources, delivering a great experience.

When you are online, you may find a new competitor and check out their website. With a sleek and eye-catchy design, the website has the best in class features that assure a good conversion rate.

That was just the type of website you were looking for. This would be a good time to mark those people who have a stunning portfolio, reach out to them and see what services they offer.

You can find companies and developers who provide web development services in India putting out their projects in social media, LinkedIn, and even run ads.

Putting them in your wish list is not enough. When you hire a website design company, check if those web design companies in India offer the following 9 things.

1. A company can’t go wrong with the basics

In my opinion, the company should be proactive and not reactive. But more importantly, you don’t want someone to jump right in by nodding to everything you say. How legitimate does their estimate look? Do they have a strong content approach? Do they have a clear map ahead to design your website? Do their previous designs show a decent conversion rate?

Basic thoughts like these should not confuse you later down the road and so it is better to analyze the website design company before shaking hands.

Things to check

The chances are you will not settle for a rookie and expect some proven track record from the company. While choosing the right web design company, you have to look at their experience and approach right off the bat.

What they use to build your website changes the entire landscape. Not all web design companies in India build websites from scratch considering the high budget involved.

Building websites using CMS like WordPress is a great option and choose a website design company that is good at it.

2. How much do they value your business?

Do you run a salon that houses 4 employees in a 400 square feet space? Or do you run a successful sports brand, with hundreds of employees with multiple outlets in the state?

The fact is while treating you, the size of your business should not be a matter of concern. How much they value your views and your business should be the benchmark to choose the right web design company.

What to check

You have your ideas of how your website should look and they have their experience of designing websites. Find if you can meet at a sweet spot where that web design company in India considers your ideas and acknowledges it.

Find out how they can assist by providing opinions on the features and modifications that will make a perfect website.

3. Is Client Service a Priority For the Design Agency?

In my opinion, putting the client first is the best strategy. A satisfied client can bring more clients than having a fancy trophy case of paid website awards.

There are web design companies in India who compromise on the quality they deliver to their customers and promote their work.

You don’t want an average website that does not improve your sales and feel it was a bad investment. Rather, it was a bad selection you made.

Things to check

Find a company that provides quality and shows zero compromise. The best web design company works for the satisfaction of the customer and not to add accolades to their portfolio.

While assessing the web design company, check out if they can find where you lag and paddle their way through your dilemmas.

 choosing_web_design_company_steps _to_know

4. The website design company’s experience matters

No matter what business you have, you know how respected the big guns of your sectors are. It is no brainer why they are the talk of the town.

Fast food restaurant discussions are incomplete without Taco Bell and McDonalds. MT and LS2 would be always there on the list when people talk about motorcycle helmets. They’ve been in the game for a long time, made thousands of customers all over the country, and have made a statement.

Things to check

Unlike restaurants, even the best web design companies survive for a few years is considered as an achievement as the profession is dynamic. Look into how they got established and question them about their journey to the place they are now. A rough roadmap about their journey can tell a lot.

5. Review Web Design Portfolio

Good quality products always stand out, no matter what. If I was in your position, the first criteria for selecting a web design company would be the quality of their previous projects.

I mean think about it.

You are the next customer in line for them and the quality and workmanship that you find in their previous projects will reflect on your website as well. To be more precise, you should expect a better website designed for you than their previous work.

Things to check

Look into their domain of expertise. Not all web design companies in India are good at everything and are niche-specific.

Sleek designs alone don’t guarantee skyrocketing sales. Along with the portfolio, ask the web design company you choose how their website helped the business improve in their revenue.

6. Listen to what the customers have to say about the web development agency

Quick facts!

It is a common group behavior for people to feel safe when they find the rest of the pack safe. The trust over a place, a situation, or in this case, a web design company improves when you find people showing positive experiences.

That is why the customer review feature becomes the measure of trust when hiring a website design company.

It is not that they are perfect but that gives a sense of security and assurance. From a social behavior, humans feel safe when a large group of people find things safe.

Things to check

Be it your friend or some random person, listen to what the customers have to say. It can reveal things that you never thought about.

Reviews by business owners from the same industry should be paid extra attention. If you have an interior design company and find other interior design companies showing 5 stars, that could be the right web design company to choose.

7. Can they deliver what they promise?

When you get into an apparel showroom, you want a sales rep to help you out. In circumstances when you can’t choose what you want, the representative’s handy ideas and opinions will save you money and time.

The web design company you choose must have a strong sense to provide a clear picture for their clients. Whether you got it all covered or have no clue how to create your website, that web design company in India must help you with what your website needs.

In some cases, time and money become an issue. You have no option to reduce the budget or increase beyond the estimated time.

The question is can the best web design company deliver the best results?

The best will always do and that is the website design company you got to select.

8. Clear Communication and Transparency

Talking to a hardcore developer is different from talking to a sales representative. Talking to the assistant might be satisfying when you hear their positive words but that is not what you called them for.

I would advise you to talk to the chief web developer or the designer of the website design company. You need a solution and talk to someone who works to provide one.

The first call sets the tone up because it reveals the attitude of the company towards the customer.

There are two ways; either you have a clear picture of the website you want or you don’t. Handling these two situations should not be a big deal for a good web design company.

But if they can’t help you with minor adjustments and tweaks and you are still puzzled about where to move next, they are not the right web design company for you.

What to ask for in a call

Do not keep it simple. Talk to them about how you got to know about them and their work. Present your business’s goals and vision to them and see what they are ready to put on the table.

Make sure you gather all your doubts and queries regarding their approach and see what solutions they offer.

good web design company must listen to your views and present counter ideas that can be more beneficial for the customer.

9. The best web design company provides long term assistance

The reason to avoid an individual freelancer is because they don’t stick with you for the long run.

Your website is never finished and there’s always room for improvement. Finding a freelancer who would stay to assist is like finding a needle in a haystack. A good web design company would be the best alternative.

Being established in the era of digital warfare is a long, cold war. To stay alive online, improve, and create your online brand, the need for a web design company is inevitable.

Do all the web design companies in India help you keep it customer-ready? Not really.

Things to check

When you choose WordPress to design your website, you need to update plugins, themes and keep the loading speed sharp. Your website design company in India you chose knows this and must stick with you and help you out.

Security concerns are common while developing a website and most business owners don’t have a clue about it. This is where your web design company in India has to step in to bust the myths and provide you a clear picture.

Final notes

Finding a web design company in India’s dense market is easy but finding the right and authentic one needs more than one pair of eyes.

With that being said, keep these 9 factors as a basic assessment for every web design company you encounter. Out of these, choose the website design company that values your business and delivers the best quality.

As a business owner who wants a website, two things that should be clear are the constraints of time and money. With a website cost calculator, you can have the perfect estimate and not let it rob your bank.

Before choosing the right web design company

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